Student Success

Student Success at Sir Wilfrid Laurier

The Student Success team is responsible for supporting students at Sir Wil who are at risk of not graduating. They support these students by advocating on their behalf to their academic teachers, provide learning strategies to improve student learning, teach skills that promote strong work habits such as organization and time management. They may also focus on overall student wellness by promoting good physical and mental health and by fostering a safe and caring learning environment for all students.

The Team

Denise White - Student Success Teacher
[email protected]

Wesley Scheer-Hennings
[email protected]

Christine Gagne - Head of Student Services
[email protected]

Tim Hawes - Principal
[email protected]


Credit Intervention

The Student Success Team monitors student progress throughout the year and identifies students who require additional support. Times are set aside for students to work with the SST to catch up or ameliorate past evaluations.

Credit Rescue

During the last few weeks of the semester, the SST will offer time for students to “rescue” their credit by completing missed work. This time is offered mostly during the exam period but students may also be encouraged to complete work at home in order to be successful.

Credit Recovery

Students are selected by the Student Success Team and Student Services to be enrolled in a Credit Recovery section. This course is for students who were not successful in one or more courses the previous semester. The SST supports the students’ learning and facilitates the completion of the courses in which they were not successful.

Where do we work?

Students who are registered with a Credit Recovery Course work in Student Success - Room 211.

Students are provided low staff-student ratio support and often have one-to-one student teacher conferences to monitor progress and to receive feedback.

Students, who have demonstrated an ability to work independently, may be given a Credit Recovery period that falls outside the regular timetable. This allows them the opportunity to continue with a full course load while recovering credits from past semesters.

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