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Student-Athletes are privileged to represent Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School  and should conduct themselves as suitable ambassadors for our school at all times. All sporting events are school sanctioned.  This includes games, practices and tournaments. Students are required to conduct themselves in accordance with OCDSB and Sir Wil policy for all school-related activities.  Sir Wil Lancers are expected to be role-models and ambassadors of inclusive, team-building behaviour. Laurier Athletics does not condone any threatening, bullying, or abusive behaviour toward any student.  All hazing-type activities are strictly forbidden. Inappropriate behaviour will result in consequences from coaches and school Administration.   

It is a privilege to be on a Sir Wilfrid Laurier team not a right!


Players are expected to be conscientious students and good citizens. Sport-related absences are valid, however, work missed because of athletic activities must be completed to the teachers’ satisfaction. All athletes must meet the academic eligibility requirements of the NCSSAA.  All athletes should communicate their absences to the classroom teacher in advance of the event.


Sir Wil players will display good sportsmanship at all times. Good sportsmanship means showing respect in dealing with teammates, coaches, opposition, officials, and spectators.  All fans are expected to show good sportsmanship and keep all cheering positive, in accordance with NCSSAA and OFSAA spectator policies.


Strict adherence to school rules while on buses or visiting schools is expected. Students must be transported in vehicles arranged by the school, unless otherwise approved.  All games and practices are cancelled on days when school buses are cancelled. 


An ‘Athletic Fee’ of $70.00/person/team sport or $35.00/person/individual sport is required for all Lancer sports. The  Athletic fee helps to subsidize the cost of uniforms, transportation, Athletic Banquet, and NCSSAA league entry fees. Teams may also charge an additional ‘Team Fee’ for tournaments, clothing, etc. as determined by the coach.


Students need to provide a uniform deposit cheque to their coach to cover replacement cost. School uniforms must be in good condition and washed upon their return. Team uniforms are to be worn for team activities only. Deposit cheques will be cashed for damaged or missing uniforms.


We are committed to the development of all our student-athletes, however, athletic teams are competitive and playing time is NOT guaranteed, nor is it equitable.  Playing time is up to the sole discretion of the coaching staffCoaches will be clear about their expectations with respect to playing time.  Players are encouraged to talk directly with their coach if they are not happy with playing time – it is not fair to coaches or other players to have parental interference with respect to playing time.  This means that some athletes could get very little or no playing time at allIf you are not in agreement with this, then please do not commit to playing for a competitive team at Sir Wil.


In order to play on a specific game day, players must be in attendance at school and in ALL CLASSES, unless the coach has been forewarned of a valid reason (ie doctor’s appointment).  All absences must be communicated to the office for validation. Players must participate in physical education classes on game days.  


All injuries must be reported to the coach, even if they occurred outside of school: especially suspected concussions. If warranted the coach will fill out an accident report or concussion protocol form. 


Players are responsible for the safekeeping of their own valuables during practices, games and field trips.  Students should leave their valuables in their lockers.


Consumption of drugs or alcohol is forbidden at any time, on any school premises, on buses or at any school. Alcohol or drug consumption at any school-sporting event or activity is strictly forbidden. Students will be subject to disciplinary action by administration (suspension) and coaching staff.


Since smoking/vaping is not considered a good health practice, players are expected to refrain from smoking/vaping at least during the sports season.  Counselling with our addictions counsellor is encouraged for those trying to quit. 

Smoking/vaping at any school event or activity is strictly forbidden, regardless of location.


Once the commitment to a school team has been made, a player must follow through with his/her commitment to the team. It is unfair to teammates and coaches to leave a team mid-season. It is also unfair to other aspiring players who have failed to earn a place on that team.

Any player who quits a school team during the season, or is removed by the coach for reasons of commitment or behaviour, will be ineligible to play on any Sir Wilfrid Laurier school team for the following sports season.  Athletic and team fees will not be reimbursed. 

Any absences by the athlete from practices or games must be discussed with the coach beforehand or as soon after the absence as possible. Excessive absences could lead to removal from a school team, at the discretion of the coach and/or the administration.  This will result in the player being ineligible for the following season. Players must abide by any decision made by the coaches. Students may leave the team without penalty, until the commitment date; as given by the coach. Under exceptional circumstances, arrangements can be made for a player to leave a team without penalty, pending approval of the Coach, Athletic Director and Principal.

Teams with insufficient interest with regards to attendance at practices, poor effort, attitude, etc. will be subject to cancellation.


Athletes may only play one team sport/season.  It is possible to be a member of a team and compete in an individual sport, provided both coaches are in agreement and you are able to make all practices.  The athlete must also inform coaches what sport will take priority if a conflict does arise.


The Athletic Code of Conduct has been constructed to assist players, coaches and administration in making the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Athletic Program rewarding for all those involved. The rules contained in the code are not designed to limit participation, but rather to ensure respect, safety and dedication for the Athletic Program and the individuals involved in it.  It is a privilege to be on a Lancer athletic team.

I have read and understand the statements in the SWL Code of Conduct for Athletes and agree to the expectations. 

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