SWL Traffic Flow Information

SWL Traffic Flow Information
Posted on 11/14/2017
Traffic Flow Map

We wish to thank parents and guardians for adapting to the new traffic arrangements on our school property. For the most part, we see that automobiles are following the new traffic pattern, dropping students off at the drop-off zone, and traffic is not backing up onto Tenth Line Road. We have requested the City of Ottawa to extend the green light at Tenth Line / Amiens at peak hours, and to install an advanced green light for left turns, but these measures are still being negotiated. You might wish to contact your City Councillor to indicate your support for these measures.
With this message we wish to remind you of a few things.
First, the former street entrance on Tenth Line Road near the front door of the building has been closed. Please do not pull into the small space beside the barricade, no matter how briefly, to drop off or pick up. Nor should you use the southbound left turn lane adjacent to the former entrance to disembark. We observe people getting out of their vehicles in these places and we fear that someone will be struck by passing traffic.
Second, if you are using the Ray Friel Centre parking lot to drop off your children, please follow safe driving practices by using the designated lanes in the parking lot, not driving diagonally across the parking lot or across parking spaces. Follow the lane markings, please.
Finally, please ensure that your children are dressed for the cold weather that has arrived as they will have a short walk to get indoors. We need you to continue to drop them off in the designated drop-off places which are (1) along the north side of the school parking lot—not in the immediate vicinity of Exit C—and (2) in the Ray Friel Centre parking lot, as per the attached site plan.
We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the students safe and ensuring a smooth process.
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